14'ers & Technical Summits


~Wilson Peak

At 14,017 feet, Wilson Peak offers a challenging climb and stunning views. Famed and fabled as the “Coors Can Peak”, it is often featured in photos due to its prominence from the Lizard Head trail. Wilson Peak is accessible from a variety of routes, each offering a different scenic view of the range.

~Mt. Wilson

Not to be confused with Wilson Peak, Mt. Wilson is the highest in Dolores county. Located in the center of the massif between Gladstone and El Diente, it is rugged with multiple permanent snowfields on various faces. Due to its location, much of the peak is not visible until you’re already making the ascent. Mt. Wilson is reclusive, testy, and challenging. However, the panoramic vistas and engaging terrain are sure to stoke the adventure fire.

~El Diente

With a name that means “The Tooth” in Spanish, anyone who climbs El Diente will definitely say that they’ve climbed a jagged summit. Big views of the Wilson group and desert ramparts below are well worth the effort to gain this lofty beast.

~El Diente to Mt. Wilson Link up

Feeling wild? This epic skywalk of a day will satisfy even the wiliest of adventurer. Without a doubt, the most direct and ambitious way to top out on these two challenging 14ers.

~Technical summits

Although not quite at 14,000 feet, these gems of the Rocky Mountains should not be missed nor underestimated in their splendor and challenge.


Mt. Wilson, wilson peak, El Diente & Technical summits Private Group Rates

(Per person)


TRIPLE | $250

DOUBLE | $300

SINGLE | $500

Wilson Peak to El Diente Traverse Private Group Rates

(Per Person)

DOUBLE | $375

SINGLE | $650


  • harness

  • helmet

  • rope

  • guide


  • hiking poles

  • sturdy shoes

  • warm layers

  • sunhat

  • sunscreen

  • water

  • snacks