The mile long ridge between El Diente and Mt. Wilson

Wilson Peak Summit

Telluride Mountain Guides is blessed to have Mt. Wilson, El Diente, Wilson Peak, and Mt. Sneffels, four of the best 14'ers in our backyard. It would be tragic to travel to such a magical place only to view the peaks from Main St. or the back seat of an off road vehicle. No matter which 14'ers you decide climb with Telluride Mountain Guides, we’re always sure to keep our clients’ preferences, abilities, and, most importantly, happiness, in the forefront of our minds. All of the peaks in the Telluride area are rewarding, enjoyable, and ethereally gorgeous, and we’ll happily take you up any of them.

Wilson Peak}

At 14,017 feet, is the least difficult of the group, and for many people, it serves as a good tune-up in preparation for ascending the other two. The peak is a highly photographed one, due to its prominence from the Lizard Head trail. The peak is accessible from a variety of routes, each offering a different scenic view of the range. Most routes take between 5-7 hours, depending on the time of year and the hiker.

Mt. Wilson}

(Not to be confused with Wilson Peak) is the highest peak in Dolores county, and is located in the center of the massif in between Wilson Peak and El Diente. It is a rugged alpine peak, with multiple permanent snowfields on various faces. However, due to its location, much of the peak is not visible until you’re already making the ascent. The peak is reclusive, testy, and challenging. However, there are many rewarding views, and the gorgeous terrain is sure to excite and please.

El Diente}

The last of the peaks – technically not its own mountain (the official requirement is a 300 foot rise off the ridge from the nearest fourteener), El Diente deserves recognition as a peak regardless due to its vicious appearance and demanding climbs. With a name that means “The Tooth” in Spanish, anyone who climbs El Diente will definitely say that they’ve climbed a summit. Although many choose to do both peaks on sepearte days, one of the most famous ways to climb both Mt. Wilson and El Diente is by the ridge traverse.

Mt. Sneffels}

 Located at 14,150 feet, is located just five miles north of Telluride and rules an abrupt escarpment that is visible from great distances from the valley to the north. When seen from a distance, it is clear that this mountain is the monarch of the region, jutting from the ridge with pomp and pride. The ascent of Mt. Sneffels is the easiest of the local peaks, but that does not mean that it is easy. Climbing to the summit on any of the standard routes can take between 6-8 hours, depending.


4 clients per guide $150
3:1                           $200
2:1                           $250
1:1                           $350

TECHNICAL (Mt. Wilson, wilson peak, El Diente Sneffels)

4 clients per guide $175
3:1                           $225
2:1                           $275
1:1                           $450


  • harness
  • helmet
  • rope
  • guide(s) 
  • transportation* 

*gas fee applies for long distance outings


  • hiking poles
  • sturdy shoes
  • warm layers
  • sunhat
  • sunscreen
  • water
  • snacks
  • lunch* 

*lunch available upon request 


novice-advanced *keep in mind the elevation, distance & exposure 

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